What areas of the estate are covered by the Pacific Harbour Golf and Country Club Community Body Corporate?

Pacific Harbour Golf and Country Club CTS (“PGC Scheme or Principal Body Corporate”) comprises a principal community titles scheme and (currently) five subsidiary community titles schemes, the Freshwater community titles scheme, the Mahogany Shores titles scheme, the Cape Blue titles scheme, the Lasiandra titles scheme and the Caleana Island titles scheme and may later include a number of further subsidiary community titles schemes.

Each subsidiary Body Corporate will be a member of the Principal Body Corporate.  The Principal Body Corporate will have a role in respect of the entire development, to facilitate community objectives for the estate as a whole

When I sell my house or land what do I have to do?

You must inform the Real Estate or persons selling your home or land that your Lot is under a Body Corporate. You must also have the Purchaser sign an Assignment of Covenant to the Developer.

Who is my point of contact for matters pertaining to the Pacific Harbour Golf and Country Club Community?

The Body Corporate employs a community liaison officer (CLO) who acts as a liaison between the community and the committee and undertakes a number of tasks assigned to her within the scope of the Body Corporate rules. Initial contact should be made through the CLO, who will keep the committee appraised.

Who is the responsible party for ensuring covenant compliance?

The developer is the responsible party for ensuring covenant compliance and initially all matters relating to house construction are to be directed to the Covenants Compliance Officer who is employed by QM Properties Pty Ltd (The developers). Please contact Covenants Manager, Carolyn Schofield, covenants@qm.com.au or (07) 3874 0058.  For all Community Lifestyle Issues please contact the CLO.

My neighbours are very noisy. Can the Body Corporate help?

No, it is recommended that you contact the residents directly, either in person or by letter.  You can also lodge a complaint with the Police.  Contact the local police or via Police Link.

Can we opt out from the Body Corporate if we give written notice?

No, by purchasing in the Pacific Harbour Golf and Country Club Community you are automatically a member of the Body Corporate.

I wish to get more involved with Community affairs. How do I join the Body Corporate Committee?

Each subsidiary Body Corporate of the Pacific Harbour Golf and Country Club Community has a Chairperson, Secretary, Treasurer and four Committee Members.  An AGM is held each year and residents are encouraged to attend. Nominations are called for each position prior to every AGM and Body Corporate Committee Membership is open to any financial Lot owner.  If you would like to be part of the Committee, please feel free to nominate prior to the AGM. Observes are welcomed at committee meetings; however, an observer may not vote on any motions.  All financial Lot owners may vote at the AGM.

A golf ball broke my window – am I entitled to compensation?

The Covenant States

14.5 The Buyer releases the Developer from all Claims that the Buyer may have against the Developer for loss, expenses, compensation, damage or injury to property or person as a result of golf balls emanating from the Golf Course.

The Golf Course is mowed very early, can they change that?

You should be aware that living in the vicinity of a golf course will mean that greens, fairways and tee mowing will periodically occur as well bunker raking in the early hours of the morning to establish the course for the day’s play.  The frequency of these activities is kept to a minimum for the expected service levels.  However, this should not exceed two times per week for fairways, tees and bunker raking and daily for greens.

Who looks after the buffer between the Golf Course and my property?

These areas are the responsibility of the Golf Course Superintendent.  However, should the owner wish to maintain these areas in the vicinity of their property they should contact the Golf Club Superintendent.

Can I be prosecuted if I am in breach of the Covenant?

Yes.  Both the Developer and the Body Corporate can take these matters to court to get a resolution.

Are the Covenants the same for each Lot?

No.  Over time the Developer has updated and made minor changes to the Covenant.

Where do my Body Corporate Fees go?

The current Body Corporate Fees are approximately $26.00 per week and have remained unchanged for a number of years.  Your fees are paid to your individual precinct’s Body Corporate.  Of that $26.00, $17.36 is paid to the Principal Body Corporate.  The current Principal Scheme budget for the $17.36, is as follows:

Country Club Access – $8.80 per week
Community Liaison Officer – $2.78 per week
Landscape Management – $2.55 per week
Covenants Enforcement – $1.65 per week
Community Manager, SSKB – $1.58 per week